Avoiding the Void: Facing the Future and Thriving After Divorce with Shannon McGorry on The Divorce & Beyond Podcast with Susan Guthrie, Esq. #127

For so many people going through divorce or difficult change, the future can suddenly look like a big, black void.  The life you saw and planned is no longer available and you have no idea how things will unfold as you go forward.  This can create a great deal of fear that often keeps people stuck in the trauma of the divorce long after the legal process is over.  In this episode, Host Susan Guthrie speaks with Certified Coach, Shannon McGorry, who helps people chart their path beyond divorce to create a future that is in keeping with their interests and values.  Things that sometimes get set aside in the give and take of a relationship and the turmoil of it's breakdown.  Having been through it herself, Shannon knows the uncertainly that the drastic change of divorce can bring and she also knows how to help you through the loss and the way to turn to the future so that you can thrive after your divorce.  

Some highlights from this episode:

Divorce does not define you.  You get to choose how you are going to live your next chapter (6:30)

Why Shannon's therapist told her she shouldn't stay in ugly too long. (7:00)

How fear shows up in divorce as fear of the loss, fear of the process and fear of the outcome. (7:45)

What are the two tracks to follow to start taking action? (10:20)

Why do you need to get in touch with and define your values in order to create your new future. (14:25)

What does Shannon's "categories of life" exercise do to help you unhit the pause button on your life. (19:15)

What exactly does Shannon mean by becoming empowered and why is it SO important for moving forward after your divorce?  (25:35)

How can you regain your power when the divorce is not something that you chose or want? (27:05)

Shannon knows the fear you are feeling and also the steps you can take to move through that fear or avoid it entirely so that you CAN thrive into your new future - Don't miss this episode! 

More about this week's Special GuestShannon McGorry is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Divorce and Life Empowerment.

Expertise, Prioritization, Clarity, and Accountability are the principles of Shannon’s practice. Shannon empowers her clients to show up confident, well informed, and educated as they make decisions and take consistent, intentional action in support of their future reality.
Shannon obtained her coaching certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Siena College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

She is a woman of faith, a mom of two daughters, a yoga enthusiast, a huge fan of the beach, of being outside, and of laughter.

Shannon is available for private coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements via her website, http://www.lovestrengthandgrace.com.

Shannon's Special Gift for Listeners of The Divorce & Beyond Podcast:  A very special 15-minute audio with 4 tips to start the shift in your thinking!  You can access Shannon's gift here: https://lovestrengthandgrace.lpages.co/audio-training-whats-next-creating-a-powerful-shift-in-focus-after-divorce/


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