Can You Really Have an ”Amicable” Divorce? Find Out How with the Founder of the Amicable Divorce Network, Tracy Moore-Grant on Divorce & Beyond #245

On this week's episode, Host, Susan Guthrie sits down to chat with Attorney Tracy Moore-Grant, the co-founder of The Amicable Divorce Network, to discuss what an "amicable" divorce really is and what you need to know to have one!

Most everyone says that they want to have an "amicable divorce" but what does that really mean?  Do you have to be the best of friends to have an amicable divorce?  Can your divorce be complicated but still amicable?

Tracy Moore-Grant has the answers to these questions and many more and believe us, she is the right person to ask!  Tracy is one of the co-founders of The Amicable Divorce Network, a curated and vetted community of divorce professionals who are dedicated to helping people to divorce amicably.  Tracy herself is an experienced divorce attorney who has a reputation among her colleagues as "the Divorce Whisperer" and for years has been brought into litigation cases that have gone sideways, gotten out of control and more to help them resolve quickly and set aside the conflict that is weighing everyone down.  

Some Golden Nuggets you will find in this episode:

  • 3 things to consider to know if you can have an amicable divorce.
  • What you need to ask attorney in the consult to help you have an amicable divorce (Free Checklist on website:
  • Why you need to understand that the path you choose for your divorce has a great deal to do with whether it will be amicable or not.
  • Why considering where you want to be at the end of your divorce can help you choose your process.

The fact is, your future after divorce is greatly impacted by whether or not your divorce is amicable - this episode is simply a MUST!

Get Tracy's FREE Resource:  Meeting with a Divorce Attorney? Don't forget this checklist! - Divorce Amicably

About this week's special guest Tracy Moore-Grant and The Amicable Divorce Network:

Tracy Ann Moore-Grant has represented clients and practiced exclusively in the area of family law since 2002 and is a founding partner of the law firm, Patterson Moore Butler. She focuses her practice on all areas related to family law but has transitioned her practice to being a non-litigation attorney and mediator helping parties resolve issues outside of the court system. Her passion for helping parties divorce well lead to her founding the Amicable Divorce Network. The network connects professionals who are vetted for having a resolution mindset with parties seeking low conflict divorce.  Ms. Moore-Grant is passionate about helping families navigate the difficult process of divorce in a respectful and family focused manner and resolving their differences outside the courtroom. 

Ms. Moore-Grant is a registered mediator with both the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and 9th District ADR and the State of Alaska for both family law and domestic violence cases as a mediator and arbitrator. She is a step-mother, baker, and schnauzer lover. She is also a Board Member for Mentor Me of North Georgia, contributing writer to My Forsyth Magazine, Mock Trial Coach for Alliance Academy, and teaches Constitutional Law at Lanier Tech. She has achieved an AV Preeminent Judicial Rating from Martindale Hubble, was named a Woman of Forsyth by the Forsyth County News, and has been listed as a Top 10 Female Family Law Attorney in Georgia since 2016. Her firm, Patterson Moore Butler received a Best of Forsyth award in 2022. In 2020, Tracy Ann was awarded the Georgia Legal Award for Distinguished Leadership for founding the Amicable Divorce Network, recognizing its positive impact on Georgia family law and families. Ms. Moore-Grant has been a guest on many podcasts and has authored many articles on the topic of amicable divorce.

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