Motherhood.  The word alone is emotionally charged and the role of a mother has been prescribed and defined for centuries as the primary caregiver and nurturer, but over the years, society has layers so many more labels and strictures on the role.  What makes a good mother?  Why must there be a definition and why is there such stigma if a mother does not fit the societal norm?

Our guest this week, Susan Eckstein, is a non-conforming mother who bravely shares her story of breaking the mold and redefining motherhood in a way that worked best for her family and that allowed her to show up as her best self for her children.  Along the way, she faced shame, both internal and external, and pain as others, particularly women, dismissed and condemned her decisions.  Susan has come forward to tell the tale of her journey in order to help other mothers, who face difficult decisions about parenting their children in the way that allows both mother and child to thrive.  This is a story that needs to be told and we all need to listen.

Highlights from this episode:

  • What factors led to Susan's decision that her boys should live with their Dad?
  • How did the phrase "keep the keys" help the family to restructure in a healthy way?
  • Who were the worst critics of Susan's decision to be a non-custodial mother?
  • How did a business coach help Susan to find her way out of her struggle with shame?
  • How can you throw out society's scorecard for motherhood to show up as your best self for your kids?

This is the story no one will talk about but Susan bravely shares her journey so that we can all be better parents and live happier lives.  Listen.

More about this week's guest:  Susan Eckstein is an empowerment coach and speaker helping divorced moms lead with their values so they can define motherhood for themselves. Susan leads her clients through a life-changing empowerment process where they challenge their stories, change their beliefs, step into their badassery and show up more powerfully for their children. After becoming a non-custodial mother following her divorce, Susan felt ashamed for years. However, once she stopped measuring her worth against what society says is a gold-star mother, she empowered herself and created her own unique relationship with her two boys. Susan now helps other divorced moms release their shame, reconnect to their power and define motherhood for themselves. A former mindset coach, personal trainer and triathlon coach, Susan has coached hundreds of men and women to successfully compete in their dream athletic events, including triathlons, marathons and adventure races. She is also a three-time Ironman Louisville finisher.

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For more information on books by Peggy Orenstein that Susan mentioned:

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